The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCAD) has been a pillar of the Nova Scotia arts community for the past 125 years. NSCAD’s contributions to the art world have earned the university a national and international reputation and have drawn students and renowned artists from around the world to study, teach and live in Halifax.

Unfortunately, it seems the provincial government views NSCAD as a liability and not the asset that it is. The government-commissioned Hogg report acknowledges that the current way the government distributes funding to universities does not recognize NSCAD’s unique programs and needs. However, the government has failed to take steps to address the problem. Instead, it has imposed upon the institution a set of preconditions for a “sustainability plan” whose effect will be to destroy much of what makes NSCAD unique.

Students, faculty and staff are committed to preserving NSCAD as an autonomous art, craft and design institution that is viewed as integral and valuable not only to our community but also to the city and province as a whole.

All that NSCAD has achieved over the past 125 years, and its future as an internationally recognized art university, is currently at risk. Students, faculty and staff are the ones in NSCAD’s classrooms, studios and offices every day and many nights. We are the ones already feeling the pain of budget cuts at NSCAD and we stand to lose the most.

We must remain vigilant in preserving the community and quality of education that makes NSCAD unique. The students, faculty and staff have come together to reaffirm what is essential to NSCAD University as an institution, a community, a work place, a place of learning and art making. This manifesto has been collectively produced by NSCAD students, faculty and staff and within it lies the values and qualities on which we are unwavering.



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