Direct Action #3


– FEB 15  6:30PM – FEB 18 6:00AM

(By flooding provincial government offices with calls)

Hello NSCAD and NSCAD supporters! On Friday, Feb 15th join your fellow awesome-folks in an action to put pressure on the provincial government while we await their response to our Manifesto on the 25th. The aim of the goal is to let them know that we are serious and we will not stop until they present us with an option we can agree to.

Minister of Advanced Education, Marylin More’s office empties out Friday evening by 6 pm. The office resumes it’s work Monday morning. On Monday morning, all phone messages are heard and transcribed.

Starting on the evening of Friday, Feb 15th, lasting throughout the weekend (and any time you’ve got feelins this year) we invite you to call the Office of Advanced Education as many times as you can.

Useful things you could express:

-what NSCAD means to you

-that you would like a written response to your message

-and that you are anxiously awaiting their response on the 25th.

SUNSCAD will personally be expressing their dedication to working non stop towards an option for NSCAD that is in line with the Manifesto for a Strong and Vibrant NSCAD.


Marylin More’s office:
Phone: (902) 424-6647
Fax: (902) 424-0575

Darrell Dexter’s office:
Telephone: 902-424-6600
Fax: 902-424-7648


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