Direct Action #4 – Red Rover, March 11 2013

photo credit: Kristy Depper

photo credit: Kristy Depper

Direct Student ACTION TUESDAY MARCH 12TH 2013

When we delivered our Manifesto to the government, we gave them a February 25th deadline to respond to us. They did not have enough respect for us to be bothered to respond at all. Their failure to support the Manifesto shows that they do not believe in the core of NSCAD, as it has been defined by students, staff, and faculty.

On Tuesday, we will take the next action.

Meet in courtyard by the lions at 12pm. Aim to be there at 12 pm sharp as we will be leaving shortly. Volunteers will be handing out small strips of red fabric to be used later in the day.  Grab as many as you are willing to tie. SUNSCAD will be present with rolls of red fabric to wrap the NSCAD lions. A few students  will then wrap the Lions with fabric. A small description of the significance of wrapping  the lions will be tied to the lions.

In the event that there is a Faculty strike in action, we will acknowledge the strike  with a chant before taking the street on a march to the Province House. The faculty will  be invited to join in this march.

Upon arrival at the Province house, we will assemble with arms linked in a single row in  the street and begin a Red Rover chant specific to NSCAD (To be chosen over the weekend).

We will then tie our fabric to the fence of the province house. The tighter and more  knotty the knots, the more tedious they will be to remove. We will have a banner made  describing the significance of this action to tie to the province house.

We will then return to the courtyard where, in the event of a strike, we will ask the  faculty to join us in a Red Rover chant calling the employer over. Our official action  will then be over, but we encourage students supportive of the faculty strike to picket  with the faculty at this time and whenever possible. This adds strength to their cause,  garners media attention and can shorten a strike significantly.

Significance of actions:

Wrapping the lions in red:

The colour red points to the term “In the red”, which refers to debt and more  specifically, deficits. The lions are a symbol of NSCAD and also a gift from the  government. We are concealing our symbol in red and tying (literally) our deficit to the  Province.

The significance of tying red to the Province House is again, tying our deficit to the  Province.

Our last action, Marching the Manifesto to the Province House, concluded with our request  for a formal response to our Manifesto from the NDP Government, to be received by the  25th of February. We did not receive a response, which is why we are now “calling the  government over” with a Red Rover chant.

We encourage students to wear red on the day of the action and to gather as much red  fabric as possible to be cut into red strips over the weekend. There is a bin in the  Granville lounge in which you can put your red fabric to be cut into strips. In the event  of the strike, SUNSCAD will move the bin to discourage crossing the potential picket line.

Please continue to check your NSCAD email and SUNSCAD Facebook page for updates.




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