Direct Acton #1 – January 24 2013

DIRECT ACTION #1 – January 24 2013 3:45pm

Interim President Dan O'Brien returns to let students know he didn't expect them to mobilize - and that he didn't agree with their action.
Interim President Dan O’Brien lets students know he didn’t expect them to mobilize – and that he didn’t agree with their action.
Key players on the NSCAD Board of Governors left the boardroom as students began to read the NSCAD Manifesto.

For Immediate Release – SUNSCAD
Friday, January 25, 2013

HALIFAX — On Thursday, January 24 over 100 NSCAD Students disrupted
a Board of Governors’ meeting with the intention of bringing forward
the Manifesto for a Vibrant, Strong, and Independent NSCAD.  NSCAD
students, faculty, and staff have collectively written and endorsed
the manifesto.  Students voted unanimously to approve the manifesto at
an emergency General Assembly on Tuesday evening.

In the face of significant cutbacks from the provincial government,
the Manifesto defines the values and goals of the involved parties.
It is an intended guideline for future political discussions.

This action is a result of a lack of transparency between the Board of
Governors and the broader NSCAD community.  Students are a primary
stakeholder of the institution yet has been excluded from important
discussions regarding NSCAD’s future.  Up to this point,
decision-making has occurred behind closed doors and in camera.

In reaction to the students’ presence the Board of Governors
immediately adjourned the meeting and changed location to have a
discussion with the provincial government. Students are currently
waiting for the Board to officially endorse the Manifesto.

NSCAD University has been chronically under-funded by the government.
Students are not asking for a bailout but demanding to be adequately
funded. NSCAD University is a public institution and it is crucial
that its decision-making processes be open to the public.  Students
are looking forward to working closely with the Board of Governors and
the provincial NDP government to create a strong and autonomous NSCAD.

For more information please contact:
Sarah Trower, President, Student Union of NSCAD University (SUNSCAD)
(902) 802 0055 (cellular)

over 100 students claimed space at the Board Of Governors meeting. Holding sings with statements from the NSCAD MANIFESTO
over 100 students claimed space at the Board of Governors meeting. Holding signs with statements from the NSCAD MANIFESTO
Occupying the board room, Students took turns reading statements from the NSCAD Manifesto.

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