NSCAD is its students, faculty, staff and alumni.

We remain committed to an autonomous NSCAD that values, above all else, critical thought and quality education in the production of art and culture.

NSCAD must be accessible and affordable. Admission to NSCAD must be based on merit and skill and never on a student’s ability to pay fees. We will not supplement lack of government funding by increasing ancillary and tuition fees.

NSCAD must commit to support all students, in particular international students and those with disabilities.

NSCAD provides a hands-on, studio-based education. We live, work and breathe in our studios. We must have 24/7 access to them and the equipment within them.

Adequate studio class sizes make for meaningful interactions between students and faculty while creating an environment in which we both support and challenge each other. Maintaining the current student to faculty and technician ratio is essential to providing a high caliber art, craft and design education.

NSCAD’s ability to nurture critical, political and philosophical thought continually sets us apart. It cultivates the artists and critical thinkers needed in today’s society.

An interdisciplinary approach is essential to the pedagogy of NSCAD. It is crucial that students have the freedom to cross departments and experiment with different mediums.

While other art institutions have systematically cut their craft departments, NSCAD’s remains a pillar of the school. The legacy technology and expertise of our faculty and technicians is what attracts many of our students.

It is essential that we provide spaces within NSCAD for students to develop an artist’s professional practice through exhibiting and selling their work. Our Anna Leonowens and Seeds galleries provide these spaces.

NSCAD’s wood, metal and plastic shops, and facilities, such as Photography, Multimedia and the Dawson Printshop, must be open, accessible and well maintained. This depends on talented and devoted technicians, without whom no studio can function.

We must have a University Librarian. Librarians play a critical role in supporting student and faculty research. The fact that NSCAD currently does not have a Library Director undermines the university’s validity as an institution.

We must stop faculty and staff cutbacks and ensure fair and decent working conditions. We must take the necessary steps to fill current vacancies and ensure that NSCAD employs an adequate number of faculty, technicians and

Our renowned, passionate and committed faculty are the heart of the institution. We must support faculty in their research and artistic practice.

Our ability to attract and retain up-and-coming artists and scholars as faculty members is crucial to our reputation of excellence.

The majority of our faculty must be full-time. Full-time status enables them to build the curriculum and participate in committees that shape the institution.

All of our faculty, technicians and staff need job security and decent working conditions in order to enjoy a good quality of life and support their family and loved ones.

Each student, faculty and staff member is a stakeholder in this institution and it is our right and responsibility to have democratic control over it. We must have meaningful representation on the Board of Governors that reflects that stake.

NSCAD expects transparency, clear communication and accountability from the Board and administration. The duty of the Board and of administration is to advocate for NSCAD in the present and the future. If we are not aligned in our passion for this school we are doomed to fail. NSCAD is an educational institution. NSCAD is not just a brand and is not a business. We are a community not a corporation. We require our Board and administration to have the skill and the fervor to not only adequately represent NSCAD, but also to fight for it.

Our students, faculty and staff are united in defending and maintaining the artistic and academic integrity of NSCAD.

Our commitment to excellence, our diverse and unique programs, and our incredible community will not be fragmented.

We stand in solidarity with each other and will not compromise when it comes to protecting NSCAD’s autonomy.

We look forward to a future where NSCAD is a place where we learn, teach, work, inspire, are inspired and make really good art.



4 responses to “NSCAD MANIFESTO

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  2. This is a great document & a brilliant initiative.
    We need a global defence of human, not corporate, values and access for all in education.
    I wish you all success in your struggle – I hope you have lit a beacon…
    Michael Szpakowski Artist/Senior Lecturer in Art & Design , Writtle School of Design, UK (personal capacity)

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